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"I have been with you a few days, and I already have gone on three shops. Tomorrow (Saturday) I have a shop at a bakery. I am just loving this association with your company."

- Robert, Washington

"One of the best parts of this assignment (other than I was in the SUN, getting a tan and away from the chill of Michigan!) was that I could enjoy the cruise as I normally would. I did not have to force interactions with staff or play a role other than myself! It was a wonderful experience and the highlight of my mystery shopping career."

- Jennifer, Michigan

"I was skeptical, but then I started to get all these mystery shopping job emails! I got the first one I applied to, and when I came out of the store after the shop I called my husband and said, 'can you believe someone's finally PAYING ME to do this?'

- Armida, Texas

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Public Service Announcement:


We have received reports from various sources that an individual, group of individuals or business is posing as ShadowShopper and sending substantial checks in the mail along with a letter with the ShadowShopper logo on it.  They ask you to cash the check, then send them a fee for "providing you with work."  ShadowShopper is NOT sending out these letters or checks.  They are completely false and the checks will bounce and you will be out any money you send them.

Here is one example about this scam:

Check Amount: $2,650.00
Address: 340 SQ Ave
Vancouver, BC V5K 1P3
Phone: ( 604) 338-1597

Again, this is a scam. Do not send them any money.

If you have any further information about this scam, please forward any and all information you have to us so we can put these scumbags in jail where they belong! We are working with the U.S. Postal inspector and U.S. Secret Service so ANY INFORMATION YOU HAVE ABOUT THIS WILL HELP!

Here are some links to more information about the scam. Most of the large, reputable, legitimate mystery shopping companies are being targeted; using our good reputations to defraud honest, hard-working people.

REMEMBER ShadowShopper WILL NEVER send a job to you via regular mail. We will ONLY contact you via email. If you do receive a letter in the mail claiming to be from ShadowShopper (with a realistic looking logo) and asking you to mystery shop by cashing a large check THROW THAT OFFER AWAY. It is a Nigerian check scam ring pretending to be Shadowshopper. The scam is run out of Canada and the UK, and the check will bounce. Remember, ShadowShopper provides you with hundreds of job opportunities, and for your protection, we do it only via email and our website.


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